The true art of Japanese Pro Wrestling

17 Feb


14 Feb

The Charring,

the scarring,

that’s here to stay.

But that lingering black dog

can be chased away.



Some existential angst

some bullshit excuse,

don’t let others or yourself

create some recluse.



Get out in the rain

get out of your funk,

make something of yourself,

that’s a true punk.



So run from your problems

don’t face them head on,

let your soles burn some

tarmac, your legs feel numb.



The sweating,

the cramping,

that’s here to stay.

And that lingering black dog

he’s been chased away.



by Pete – 14/02/2011

How have I just seen this!

11 Feb



Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip are so good, seen them live a few times now and they never disappoint consious Brit-Hop, great lyrically without being too preachy, great sense of humour and so good live…roll on the new album!

The true art of Pro Wrestling

2 Feb

“Office fridge”

2 Feb







PM / AH (Yorkshire to London 17/12/2010)

“No Reply”

28 Jan

Broken phone

no reply

technology and I

have never seen eye to i.

Remove the battery

remove the sim.

Rub,blow, bite, twist.

Dismantle, disable,

deconstruct, reconstruct

Still no reply.

Pete 17/12/2010 (written on way from Yorkshire to London)

“Let the pigeons loose”

28 Jan

At Christmas, think of

the pigeons with their

greying feathers,

feet and beaks a murky purple.

All the talks of turtle doves,

of French Hens and turkey love.

So when you’re tucking in

think of the pigeon

picking at his soggy,old

Greggs festive slice

And vow next year to feed

and love those

flying rats

Go on and be nice.

Peter 17/12/2010 (Written on route from yorkshire to london)